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Since 2005, Smitty has been posting expert beers reviews, expounding on life and sometimes waxing poetically about the ins and outs of one ex-marine, pinko-liberal, living the American dream with his wife and three boys.

As any blogger will tell you, keeping a blog fresh and fun usually takes the work of more than one opinionated ass, so in 2006, Smitty began a search for his own A-team. Since no one of high caliber was available or willing, Smitty instead settled on a few buddies willing to join his "C-Team."

Since then, the team here as entertained and informed millions thousands of readers the across the world the Midwest.

Humor aside, Smitty actually writes a damn good beer review. He’s actually qualified and stuff. He is a BJCP certified and experienced brewing competition judge, an accomplished home brewer and a damn good writer. His reviews will either make your mouth water for the latest micro brew at your local beer Mecca or brand the latest blueberry tainted swill as fit for not even the lowliest Tea Party lunatic.

The rest of us try to keep up by adding a bit of left-of-center political commentary. We often get a good debate going, often with politics tinged with beer references.

Steve keeps the rest of us on our toes as the resident contrarian. He might not be a righty, but he keeps the rest of us lefties honest. Steve’s legal and constitutional analysis is well-read, respected, and often debated.

B-Mac is the budding legal genius making his way through Notre Dame Law. He gives Steve a run for his money from time to time spouting reference to this case law or that blah, blah, blah case. He’ll make an excellent bill drafter one day.

Bob is often the self appointed defender of the American auto industry and auto industry truth squad. Once you mix in some whining and bitching about environmentalists, blue dog Democrats and basically everyone else, one must wonder if Bob has any friends.

Andy pops in from time to time, as does Sopor, the future brew master, as does temporary Texan Joel.  We have also been glad to have Rickey Henderson, of Riding with Rickey fame contribute during times of exile from his own blog.

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