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Friday, September 30, 2005

Ah....Friday. Time to enjoy the Beer of the Week.

This week, among the hundreds of beers consumed, the one that stood out was Weihenstephaner Kristalweissbier. Yummy.

Weinhenstephaner is the oldest brewery in the world, straing ca. 1040. Yes...26 years earlier than William the Conqueror's big win and the beginning of England as we know it. That's old. While the Dark Ages prevailed, these guys were brewing great beer.

So with almost 1,000 years.....again...almost 1,000 years......almost a milennium....of brewing experience, you'd think they've got it down by now. And they do.

This is a perfectly-pale straw-colored brew, lots of carbonation, and a great fruity taste. Definite banana (B! A-N-A-N-A-S!) scent on the nose. Poured a great head too. Clean finish...I tell ya, these Germans have it down pretty well. Especially after, oh, 1,000 years. This is truly a great-tasing beer. It is not as strong as a traditional weissbier, but is a solid intro-to-weissbier for the uninitiated and a great, solid, drinkable beer for the true connoisseur. Its only imperfection lies in its lightness. It is truly uoffensive. I give Weihenstephaner Kristallweissbier an 8/10.

For the Cheer of the Week:

Normally, this would be a snarky politicl diatribe or a strange piece of news. But in Michigan is the biggest in-state rivalry, Michigan State University v. the (lower-case "t") University of Michigan. The huge rivalry that the rest of the nation doesn't know about. MSU is 4-0 so far this season, and U of M is 2-2. This is role-reversal, as usually it's always the other way around. MSU has a great chance this year to beat U of CHEERS to MSU. Go State.


Andy 2:09 PM  

Thank goodness for role reversal. UM beat MSU, and there was a big "whew" in Wolverine land. No arrogance (well, a little because we are better after all). Just plain thanfull - about MSU's kicker, flee-flickers that don't work, running into the kicker, wind, Garret Rivas (1/2 the time), and everything else that made this game a great game with a great ending!

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