We Made It Our First Year!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

My wonderful little boy turns 1!!

This picture says it all: the perfect, unconditional joy of being 1.

This is by far the fastest year in our entire lives. In a flash, what was a tiny little 7 pound baby has ballooned into a wildly fun and interactive little lunatic. My wife and I love him dearly.

Today, we threw his First Birthday Party. It's funny, in that he has no idea that a house full of people were there for him today. So his day went pretty normal for him: wake up, complain about getting dressed, play, eat, play some more, complain about being forced to do something he doesn't want to (like sit, or not crawl around), etc. But the rest of us had a riot.

I find these next 2 pictures absolutely priceless. Our son got a Radio Flyer wagon from Nanna and Grandpa (my mom and dad), and two of the other kids there took as much joy in oushing him across our deck repeatedly as he did riding in the wagon, crashing into the table at full speed repeatedly. Again, these two pictures, to me, express so much of the joy and serenity of not having to care about what the adults have to care about. I look at these pictures and I laugh for the joy of it and cry a little at how beautiful of a scene this is.


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Just wait, it only gets better. My daughter is 3 1/2, and I remember many times thinking "this has got to be the best age..." and 2 was better than one, three better than 2, etc.

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