Thursday, September 07, 2006

Well, it's opening night for the NFL. NBC runs the show now, and we got a hyped and confused mash of entertainment, including a "countdown to kickoff" clock that started at 29 minutes. The excitement nearly killed me. We were treated by a live performance from Diddy aka Puffy aka Puff Daddy aka P Diddy etc. etc. from Florida at the site of the 06-07 Superbowl. God but I hope people didn't cram around that stage on the beach all day just for the Diddy song.

Oh yeah, some band named Rascal Flatts played too. Whoever they are.

Who is Cassie? Am I old?

Look folks, I just wanted football, okay? Not a family event. Not some party where I slouch on my couch cramming potato chips into my mouth, staring mindlessly at the raging party on my screen.

With that out of the way, of course the Fantasy Season kicks off tonight as well. And boy did I get a hum-dinger of a team this year. My lineup is as follows:

QB D. Brees (NO - QB)
WR E. Kennison (KC - WR)
WR T. Glenn (Dal - WR)
WR Ma. Jones (Jac - WR)
RB T. Barber (NYG - RB)
RB T. Duckett (Was - RB)
TE J. Shockey (NYG - TE)
K A. Vinatieri (Ind - K)
DEF Chicago
BN M. Leinart (Ari - QB)
BN J. Lewis (Bal - RB)
BN M. Lewis (Jac - TE)
BN M. Jenkins (Atl - WR)
BN B. Griese (Chi - QB)
BN M. Stover (Bal - K)

I ditched Chris Brown for TJ Duckett on the premise that TJ gets put in for goal line poundings and gets play time until Portis is back (and even then still gets the goal line bid). I ditched Brett Favre for Drew Brees. Brett should have retired. Finally, I got rid of my second defense, which was the Lions defense (gag)(especially since their Defensive Line Coach is experiencing some...ah...difficulties), and picked up Griese. I think he's a sleeper who will surprise us. Normally, Chicago will simply have a shitty offense. But I am holding out on a what-if here.

Thoughts on my trades? Suggestions for improvement? What do your teams look like? And how was your opening night?


Thrillhous 8:55 AM  

I totally agree with you on pregame hype. Just show me guys trying to kill each other over a little ball. That's why I'm watching!

I'm sorely tempted by the directTV thing where you can watch 8 games at once or watch a whole game in a half hour w/out missing any plays. but I'm so very, very cheap.

Your team looks pretty good to me, but I've never been reall good at the fantasy stuff (unless there's elves and dragons involved).

Smitty 9:16 AM  

I knew it....elves and dragons. I am currently infatuated by a game with little pewter robots that you have to paint...beating on other little pewter robots. I am a huge geek. But I have a Ring of Protection and a kid, so I have sex at least once.

Trust me. Spenmd the money on the Direct TV.

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