Guaranteed the A-Crowd Doesn't Read It

Monday, January 15, 2007

Courtesy of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Nachos, I too was able to dig-up my little slice of Blogdom in the big card catalog of The Internets.

Go make your very own here.


Mike 7:22 AM  

Guaranteed the A-Crowd Doesn't Read It

You mean . . . I . . . don't count? I'm not in . . . "The A-Crowd"?

Smitty 10:46 AM  

Dude. You have a blog about semi-obscure B-movies. We are each dorks in our own right.

Mike 10:55 AM  

NO!!!!! Say it ain't so. I thought I was challenging Atrios.

Smitty 1:07 PM  

Mine's no better. I speak about beer as if it were Theoretical Physics.

Mike 10:23 PM  

I'm crushed. That's it. No more, no more . . .

Smitty 9:34 AM  

All I'm sayin' is...that I'm a huge dork.

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