Da Bears Choke

Monday, February 05, 2007

This about says it, concerning Rex Grossman's offensive drives. And by offensive, I don't mean the opposite of defensive.

I know that usually, the leading Offensive player gets the MVP. But I just want to give a nod to Brian Urlacher, who played an intense and massive game. He was all over the field, and you saw number 54 on every single play on the defensive side. Every one. I have not yet seen the stats, but he had to have at least a third of all of the tackles yesterday. He, and the rest of the Bears' defense, truly showed up.

But the one guy who didn't show up yesterday was Rex Grossman. I haven't seen so many injured ducks wobbling through the air since hunting season. He threw passes aboslutely meant for the defense to pick-off, and the Colts' D returned the favor by grabbing as many balls out of the air as they could. The rest of the offensive playbook last night was uninspired, though Chicago's running game certainly showed up to play. The running backs and Offensive line certainly wanted to win the game. Hell, Moose Muhammed tried as well as he could. But Grossman just sucked. So we'll see you next season, Brian Greise.

That said, I feel good for Manning. And I feel even better that Chris Berman will finally shut his wobbling yap. But Manning played a good game, that really improved after half time. Got his jitters out and led a solid, dominant second half.

One surprise of the game was Vinateri missing a field goal.

So that's about it. Just some random thoughts about the Bowl. Not bad this year; good back-and-forth, good turnovers. Both teams worked hard. The second half wasn't riveting, but it wasn't a blowout.


Mike 3:33 PM  

Grossman doesn't have much of a future at this point, I'd guess.

Smitty 4:17 PM  

It was a terrible choke. No leadership. Some of the blame, though, lies with Lovie Smith and some shabby play-calling. And some for Grossman for being terrible at the audible.

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