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Thursday, April 09, 2009

A favorite beer style of mine is a doppelbock. Though my last attempt at brewing the style ended in relative disaster (mistakes mistakes mistakes...), that doesn't keep me from wanting to try again, and from tasting a variety of takes on this style in an attempt to create a solid recipe.

There are a couple of examples of this style that I consider untouchable and unattainable, so lovely are they in their perfection. Holy, almost, which is fitting, seeing as they are brewed by monks. In my mind, dudes who pray all day, and brew beer in their free time...well, divine touch and all.

Then there are examples that I find attainable and very drinkable; something that if I could emulate it, I'd be satisfied (though would still strive for that ultimate!). Tommyknocker Brewery's Butthead Doppelbock, despite the name, is one of those beers.Poured into my glass, this beer was a beautiful ruby red and russet brown, with thick tan head that lasted all the way down the glass. Quaff after quaff left rings down the side, marking my progress as I went (which was pretty quick).

The aroma was a bowl of caramel squares. Right there with all that caramel were toasty and bread-dough aromas combined with dried cherries and a hint of citrus hops. A bit of alcohol warmth peeks through at the end.

The taste was every bit as good as the aroma. Big huge malt sweetness and caramel backbone held up very pleasant toast and doughy flavors. The alcohol heat rounded everything out at the end.

Silky and slightly oily on the tongue, medium bodied with a nice dry lager finish, this beer was a solidly-brewed doppelbock that I will definitely come back to. Not the best ever in my fridge (see above), but apart from the name, which is unfortunately corny and too cute by half, this is drinkable and well worth the purchase.


Bob 7:27 AM  

I think I have been reading Smitty's beer reviews long enough now that I am starting to notice some fo the flavors that I could not taste before.

I had a Bell's Consecrator Doppelbock last week and noticed a three real distinct steps to the flavor. Malty, alcohol, and a titch of bitterness that vanished.

The Bell's was the first doppelbock I have tried. I will go out and pick up a couple of these Butthead things.

(Can't we get away from the butt comments?)

Rickey Henderson 8:35 AM  

Can't we get away from the butt comments?

Quiet, you.

Smitty is the proud winner of the caption contest from earlier in the week. Smitty should proceed to RwR for the details.

Sopor 9:17 AM  

Gotta love a good doppelbock. I'm upset that New Holland quit making their Blue Goat Doppelbock, I really enjoyed that brew... I swear I reviewed it somewhere, but I don't see it on my beeradvocate profile... meaning I probably did it on paper and who the hell knows where that ended up.

I might have to look for this one, did you get it at Oades?

Bob 9:46 AM  

I have a question, when are the ATK people going to meet up and get a drink? I know a couple of us are outside Michigan now, but just a thought.

Smitty 10:42 AM  

You know Bob, we should do an ATK Reunion this summer. I like that.

We should open it up to ATK regulars as well. If people can come from NY and CA and NC, cool. If not, at least the invitation to partake was given!

Smitty 10:42 AM  

Yes, Sopor, I found it at Oades.

Smitty 10:58 AM  

For the record, the doppels I find untouchably perfect are Ayinger Celebrator and Paulaner Salvator.

Mike 9:18 AM  

Aren't they required by law to call it the Buttheadator?

DED 2:03 PM  

Sounds yummy. I only got into bocks, doppelbocks, etc. in the last couple of years due to general unavailability in my local liquor stores and the fact that they inhabit the lager end of the spectrum. I discovered they had a lot in common with porters (my fav style) and other dark ales and have been quite happy with them since.

Next winter I'm looking to brew a bock, or at the very least a dark lager, as I nearly lost this winter's batch of red ale due to the cold. Since lagers like the cold, why fight the conditions, right? Anyway, any suggestions or helpful hints for brewing a lager?

B Mac 3:43 PM  

(giggle) Butt Kopf... (snicker)

I haven't tasted a good new Dopplebock in quite some time. As always Smitty, your advice is most welcome.

Smitty 9:06 PM  

Anyway, any suggestions or helpful hints for brewing a lager?

You'll want to make sure, when you are lagering the beer, that the temperature stays pretty consistent in the 36 - 40 degree range, and when you bottle the beer, keep it at room temp for a few weeks.

Also, brew a heavier lager, like a black lager (schwarzbier), just in case your temps were a bit off. The bigger roasty flavors will help hide little mistakes!

Bob 7:45 PM  

"You know Bob, we should do an ATK Reunion this summer. I like that."

And tape a video beer review!

Smitty 7:49 AM  

And tape a video beer review!

You're not funny.

DED 7:51 PM  

Thanks, Smitty.

Do you typically do a secondary fermentation in the carboy for your lagers or just let the bottles do the job?

Smitty 8:21 PM  

Do you typically do a secondary fermentation in the carboy for your lagers or just let the bottles do the job?Secondary. Moving the beer off the trub helps clarify it and gets it off of the stuff that causes off-flavors.

DED 9:47 PM  

Yup, I do that for my ales.

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