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Monday, December 21, 2009

A few days old, but a good column by Paul Krugman on the Senate version of the health care reform bill.

Read it here.

Also, keep in mind people, this is not the final bill.


Over at Two Glasses, they do a nice job pulling together some of the better analysis of the health care plans, mostly from liberal perspectives. Of special note is their link the Nate Silver's analysis.


Mr Furious 8:39 PM  

"Over at Two Glasses..."

Oh, man. The streams are crossing...

Monk-in-Training 8:38 AM  

um... blogwhoring? so many new words to learn!! ;)

Yes, remember that Medicare and Social Security started out less than they are now.

Bob 9:32 AM  

blogwhoring - not sure who coined the term, but it is when your post basically rips off someone elses post. I am guessing you figured that out though.

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