Friday, August 26, 2011

As the economy grows slowly and Obama's approval numbers decline, I have read Democrats wistfully dream of days gone by and the Presidency of Bill Clinton. Some have wondered out loud what the hell Obama has accomplished as they look back at the good ‘ol days of Bill.

It got me thinking. The economy sure rocked during the 90’s, which led to balanced budgets. There was cheap gas, SUV’s everywhere and tech stocks were rising. Yeah, the economy was great, but what else did Bill accomplish? Social Security wasn’t shored up, health care wasn’t reformed and the environment wasn't protected. What the hell did Bill accomplish other than get reelected? Maybe I have a short-term memory, but I cannot think of anything.

Can you?


Streak 9:06 AM  

Good points. I think nostalgia sets in at any time, and it is always easier to imagine the past as better. I also think that contemporary Democrats really don't give Obama credit enough. I get why, to a point. His constant negotiation with people who won't negotiate is tiresome, but he has accomplished more in 3 years than many Presidents.

Bob 8:17 AM  

I thought of one. Our reponse to the the Bosnian conflict was well-managed by Clinton.

I agree on his negotiation "skills". Still, most of the public blams the Republicans for the credit downgrade, so maybe that was better played that we thought.

steves 6:54 PM  

I think you raise some good points. The economy was in great shape, which is why people probably have fond memories of Bill. Obama faces the opposite. No matter what he does, if the economy doesn't turn around, he will be blamed.

Mr Furious 6:57 AM  

Clinton signed the repeal of Glass-Steagle. What an awesome Democrat!

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