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Friday, April 20, 2012

Its long, but I bet you relate...

You used to be fearless, but somehow you ended up afraid all of the time.  Afraid of everything and everybody, afraid of change, afraid to hope, and afraid of anybody different, people like me for example.  You live in the freest nation in the world and in a time of nearly unlimited opportunity, you have enough to eat and a warm place to sleep and unfettered access to endless information, you’ve got fresh water and healthcare and a sanitary place to take a shit without it ending up in your food supply and you’ve got all the goddamned guns you can afford. Your worst damned day is better than what ninety percent of the world’s population will ever experience, ever, in their entire miserable short brutal lives.  But you’re still afraid.

Read Stonekettle Station here.


Smitty 8:30 AM  

Word. I feel that way every day I read Facebook

Julius 8:11 AM  

Hi Hi Few days ago i put a small article/list about all (I hope) beer brands in Iceland today on my site. How many Icelandic beer brands do you think you can buy in iceland Today ?

Love and Peace Julius.

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