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Monday, July 09, 2012

H/T to Beavis and Butthead, of course.

But anyway, ever wonder what 270 solid rocket boosters and 405 main engines look like blasting-off simultaneously?


Great!  Since you've always wondered, here it is:  all 135 shuttle launches in the history of the program, launching simultaneously.


Bob 11:42 PM  

I wish I had seen one launch.

Which one dd you fixate on? I could hear the voice of MC over all the noise talking about the Challenger explosion, which was in the upper right quadrant.

Smitty 1:14 PM  

I watched it the first two times just in awe of all that power. The third time, it occurred to me to look for the Challenger. The 4th time, I saw it right away.

It's strange; my mom said that the Challenger disaster, for those of us who grew up in the 80s, is our generation's "I remember where I was when JFK got shot."

I was in 6th grade. Wood shop. The teacher called us all over to his office and told us "well, the space shuttle blew up, and killed that teacher." As blunt as only a wood shop teacher can say it.

Bob 2:19 PM  

I was in 7th grade history class. The Principal came over the PA system and announced that it exploded and all were dead. One of the biggest bullies and a-holes in the class blurted out: "Cool!"

I was a space and aircraft freak back then. I saw those launches every time. Somewhere I have a casette tape of the audio of the first launch.

I remember looking at the replay of the explosion. I remember pointing right at the plume of flame spraying out from the side of the booster, which eventually was found to have ignited the tank.

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