NY Times Brews and Reviews White House Honey Ale

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

As you may have read, a few of us gathered a week or so ago to help Smitty brew his own, all-grain version of the White House Honey Porter, which is to be followed up by an extract version of the White House Honey Ale.

The New York Times has beat us to it, enlisting the help of a Brooklyn, New York brewer who brewed the Ale.  The NYT followed up with a positive review.  

I look forward to Smitty's improved, all-grain version made with his favorite grain, hops and the sweat and love of ATK.

UPDATE:  Over at Streak's Place, our friend is also brewing and bottling the Porter.  Too bad we live a half-country away and cannot do a back-to-back taste test.


Smitty 11:17 AM  

I *suppose* I can forgive the esteemed gentleman from the Brooklyn Brewing Company, the sage and wonderful Mr. Garretr Oliver, for beating me to an all-grain Honey Ale recipe.

I'll do my own conversion. We'll buy some of Garrett's. We'll taste test and compare.

I suspect I know who wins.

Bob 11:22 AM  

I could not tell if his was extract - what was the tell?

Smitty 11:44 AM  

It's Garrett Oliver, owner and brewmaster of Brooklyn Brewery. A Big Dog, if you will. He's not using extract.

Smitty 11:46 AM  

I stand corrected. They used the word "steeping" in the article. That is a nod to steeping specialty grains before adding the extract.

Bob 2:57 PM  

Ah ha! Who is the Big Dog now?

Sopor42 6:01 PM  

As far as living half a country away... Fedex and UPS can solve that issue for you!

Rickey 6:29 AM  
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Rickey 6:30 AM  

This would be the Romney/Ryan ticket's homemade brew:


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