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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

I recently stumbled across a great Tumblr called Sci-Fi in Six.  It is just that:  science fiction stories told in six paragraphs or less (I highlighted this Tumblr on my last post here, Another List of Power).

I've sifted through a gob of these.  Like any site of this nature, some are poor, some are wonderful, intriguing, deep, or fun.  I'm considering submitting one of my own.  What do you think:

Ensign MacGould stood surrounded by the throng, a grin starting to spread across her face. What started as hair-raising, skin-crawling fear was fading quickly, replaced by amusement. 

A taller being adorned (so to speak) with much more...foliage...than the others, made its way with what could only be described as reverence through the seething mass who even only moments ago seemed so threatening. The well-adorned being stopped, wide...eyed, and promptly fell on its face in front of her. It held up its appendages and spoke, or rather, made some noises that MacGould associated with a bad cold and the sounds of vomiting. 

Immediately, the throng around her fell to their faces, and repeated the sounds, gag for gag, hock for hock. Over and over and over.

And MacGould stood in her impeccable white uniform surrounded by the sounds of a sick-bay after an epidemic wondering if, all these millennia and millennia ago and worlds away, this is how it all started. 

She grinned benevolently. And maybe opened her palms just a little. 

’What's the harm,’ she mused. 


Bob 8:38 AM  

You need to attach some crazy artwork with a soldier chick with above average sized boobs.

Like this:

Smitty 8:47 AM  

Oops. My bad. What's sci fi without misogyny?

Bob 9:20 AM  

And then began the era of Gouldianity, which spread across the planet over the next 2000 years. The religion eventually spawned hundreds of sects with believers numbering as much as 2.1 Billion, about a third of the planet.

Over that time, the followers of Ensign spun off the planet’s other two major religions, leading to regionalism, conflict and eventually war.

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