California: Why?

Friday, August 19, 2005

Prop 109. Ward Connerly. Hollywood. Alec Baldwin. The Governator. And now....Prop 77, which is tied to soft money.

In a bold move of overt, callous carelessness, Cuhleefornee-uh has allowed its Congressional delegation to raise of unlimited amounts of soft money around ballot initiatives and "voter" issues. This is because the Governator, according to state law, can already do that, but members of Congress were limited in the amounts of soft money they can raise.

The Governator has been going around the country raising upwards of $50 million (which is its own blog subject...) in an effort to re-draw political districts by removing the legislature from the process and turning it over to Ahnold and a panel of retired judges. Congress is not able to do nearly as much, thanks to the McCain-Feingold law (and I actually mean 'thanks'). But under this ruling, they could in California ballot proposals.

But soft money for any reason allows a candidate or potential candidate to raise money in support of the issues they support, which drums up inordinate support for them. That was why McCain wanted to change the law in the first place!

So to level the playing field in Cuhleefornee-uh, the FEC chose to allow anyone to raise unlimited amounts of soft money, which, just a few years ago, a majority of the majority and a majority of the minority thought was a terrible idea. Instead....maybe the answer could have been to limit the Governator's ability to raise soft money? Just a know...rather than open the doors the problem that unlimited soft money creates.

The only thing good out of Cuhleefornee-uh right now is Anchor Steam. So tasty... 2-month old is waking time to think of a clever beer reference on this one...maybe one of you?


Anonymous,  10:53 PM  

Check out how progressives and racists have derailed a real subway in Los Angeles, and what the new mayor is trying to do about it:

red, white and brew 11:53 AM  

Maybe you need to teach your former liberal leader the benefits of using beer as an analogy in a way to connect to the people. Considering Al Gore's latest misguided adventure is a liberal TV network which he describes as: "..a tapas bar of ideas." he may not be able to relate to the beer thing. I am sure Gore will get the odd, stuffy Spanish cuisine vote, while the Republicans will continue to relate to the beer drinkers.

Sounds like a good trade to me.

Smitty 1:13 PM  

He gives me a damn migraine. A tapas bar???? Really, Al???? Way to connect......

And then I hear today on NPR (yes...Sandanista Radio) that they are having the RNC Chairman on to discuss why and how he is successfully reaching out to the African American and Latino vote.

And we ask ourselves why we're having trouble reaching them? Because we have taken for granted our usual beer-drinking common-man and every-man vote...and create an ever-loving "tapas bar" of ideas. In one word: fuck. That noise you hear is a collective forehead slap. We're in deep doo-doo. I keep telling myself we can't have a single-party system though....right?

red, white and brew 3:50 PM  

Single Party system is fine with me. As long as its Republican.

Smitty 11:45 PM  

That called a monarchy. I thought we got rid of that a few hundred years ago.

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