Thursday, February 09, 2006

This is what beer is supposed to do, if you've done things right thus far. The yeast is eating the sugars from the several pounds of malt I used and is making beer. It's "boiling" like mad right now, and foam has worked its way down the blow-off tube and has even tunred the water in the pitcher I'm using for blow-off as dark black as the beer itself. This is some evil stuff...

So far, so good. No sign of infection, and obviously a very viable, robust yeast strain.


Joel,  11:35 AM  

how freakin' awesome is that?!?

Phil,  10:11 PM  

This looks great! I'm curious how you derived the recipe?

Smitty 12:26 PM  

Some advice from brewers on and the Papazian book, which gives some approximations of ingredients needed for certain types of beer.

Smitty 3:08 PM  

And the advice of one of the guys at Things Beer.

Otto Man 2:07 PM  

So .... thirsty ....

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