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Friday, July 21, 2006

Wow. It's been a long week this week, what with Isreal and Lebanon not getting on so well, stem cell vetos, gay marriages and heat waves. It's the kind of stuff that could drive a man to drink.

Which, by the way, it does. But I am also driven to drink because it's a Tuesday, or the Earth revolves around the sun, or because it's there, so don't use me as a lithmus test.

So it's Friday, and it's time for beer.

Rather than my random-ten-beers-in-my-fridge or some such endeavor, today I will spend my time worshipping just 1 beer for your satisfaction and review.

Today's selection is none other than:
Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout!

This beer pours a deep black, like a strong cup of coffee (pours about as thick too). Held up to light, it has amber-brown highlights and a thin but long-lasting tan head.

The aroma is exquisite. Imagine at once: a shot of bourbon with dark chocolate, followed by coffee, then molasses, brown sugar, and licorice.

The taste will boggle your mind. This is a stout of the highest order. The bourbon flavor is here, but feels less sweet than the same stuff straight from the bottle, an impressive blend of flavors. It is not as hostile as a shot up front, but has that linger thick bourbon sweetness all the way through.

This beer is huge and rich, and very rewarding. Each sip has enough flavor to taste a good for an eternity as it lingers fondly in your mind like a great memory from your youth. Imagine a shot of whiskey in your coffee: that's this beer.

This is definitely a sippin' stout! If you don't take your time, you're spoiling a wonderful experience.

This will only be released again next February, so stand by! If you can get your hands on some now, it's like striking gold. Black gold. Oil, that is. Texas tea.


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