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Friday, July 28, 2006

I am really geeked: this Sunday, I will be a judge at the Michigan State Fair Homebrew Competition! All of the hard work of studying for the BJCP exam and taking the test finally pay-off this weekend.

As I understand, there about about 580 entries and over 40 judges for the competition, organized into 15 three-person panels. I have requested to judge porters and stouts, but being a newer "apprentice" judge, there is a possibility I could get bumped by someone with more seniority, which is not really a big deal at all.

Winners from this will move on to the "best of show" competition that will actually be held at the Michigan State Fair on August 26. This is like the preliminary round to narrow the field of 580 a little.

I am extremely excited about this opportunity and am grateful to Phil Kitkowski for getting me involved in the BJCP to begin with. I will write a much more detailed report in the Monday edition of this blog, for all 2 of my readers (one of whom hates me), whom I know are waiting with baited breath for my stunning synopsis.

The other cool thing about this venture is that people are submitting beers that they have really slaved over, trying hard to perfect in order to win a statewide competition. How cool is that? Art in progress.


Bob 6:04 PM  

Hey man, you've got way more than 2 readers, not counting the dickhead who hates you. Let's see there's me, b mac, Pols, Mingus, the four dudes at LLPN and a few others who comment from time to time.

Blogger needs a meter that shows how many people have viewed a post.

Thrillhous 8:24 AM  

Well, I hate you in a friendly way, does that count?

Looking forward to the report on the beer tasting. Hope you didn't embarass yourself too bad, but I think this weekend's king of embarassing drunkenness goes to Melly G.

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