Home Alone: Day 3 (and 4) (and 5)

Monday, March 05, 2007

I have slightly miscalculated my days home. Day 1 was actually the day Mrs. Smitty left; she was home in the morning, but it was me and Jr. on Day 1 in the evening.

Day 2 is then technically the Day 1 post I made, and so on.

So yesterday, Day 4, brought more rampant fun. We hung with the 2 other Bachelor Dads(tm) whose wives are with mine, and their kids. Big fun. Coffee, juice, one kid barfed in the vestibule of the books store...what's that but a great time?

I have found through this adventure that while this is quite possible, especially with a pretty well-dispositioned kid like mine, but I do have newfound respect for single parents. There's no rest, no extra sleep, no sleeping in, no time for yourself.

I managed to get him dressed yet again today in clothes that vaguely match, got his shoes on the correct feet and fed with little incident.

Mrs. Smitty comes home tonight. I know she really wants to see him, but having him alone for nearly a week has been an incredible bonding experience with both of us (me and Jr.) and I have truly had a blast.

It's funny that Jen came in under the amount of phone calls I thought she'd make, but not by much. That being said, they phone calls dropped to where the only reason I heard from her yesterday was because she wanted to tell me she ran into Desmond Howard at an ESPN Day in Florida. With any luck, my next kid will be an all-star Wide Receiver.

Well, both Jr. and I will certainly look forward to seeing Mrs. Smitty again. But boy, did we have fun! And we didn't even break the house.


Mike 11:51 AM  

Well done, sir.

wife,  3:19 PM  

So Mrs. Smitty and pals are home and happy to find out that husbands, kids and cats are all still alive. Can't say the same for the plants, but I can't keep them alive either. And for some reason when Jr. is asked if he wants juice or milk he keeps saying beer...

Mike 7:34 AM  

when Jr. is asked if he wants juice or milk he keeps saying beer...

I guess I'll just have to say it again: Well done, sir.

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