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Monday, March 19, 2007

Gods, but I want to blog. I really do. But by the end of the day, after crazy work hours, early mornings, kid time, wife time and a good, solid beer, I run out of gas. I should find a way to be a one-man show...and do a really good job of it like this guy, or find more people to post as contributors on my blog who are as good as these guys in terms of pop-culture know-how and general relevent snark.

At any rate, enough bitching. A news roundup:

--Though the real story is here, it was billed in a much more provacative fashion here of all places. It reads that Chiquita Admits to Making Payments to Terrorists. So remember: when you eat a banana, the terrorists win.

--I never really understood the gravity behind the Valerie Plame debacle. But after reading this, compliments of John Cole's Balloon Juice, I get it. It's so much biger than Scooter Libby lying, which all in all, while still illegal in this case, is just unexciting. No, this is much, much bigger and there are more people who shoulda burned for it. So now I feel like I should sell t-shirts saying "We Went to Court, and All We Got was Scooter Libby."

--I also predicted in this post on my blog, in the same post that I argued that the Plame "scandal" was really sort of no big deal, that this U.S. Attorney thing was also going to turn out to be no big deal. Looks like I got that one wrong too. [h/t Balloon Juice, again]

--Lansing, MI is getting a brewpub!! I am thrilled. But moreso, I am thrilled that they are offering fully-refundable investment opportunities. Starting at $500, there more you invest, the higher your permanent discount on your total bill is. If you're interested, throw me an email or post a reply.

--It's been four years. Jesus.

--Not only has it been four years, but now this. It' not a poll of Americans. No. ABC News polled Iraqis. 51% say it's cool to kill Americans. Hit the link and have a listen to the audio clip of the interview. Depressing.

That's all I got. Crack a beer and enjoy your day.


Mike 8:27 AM  

Four years . . .

Mission Endless.

(Word Verification: pearm)

Colin 8:31 AM  

A Brewpub In Lansing? Hopefully in Old Town! I sent you a message on BeerAdvocate, I want some info!

And what was that, was there other stuff in the entry too!?!

Thrillhous 9:30 AM  

Man, do I hear you on the lack of blogging energy. The other guys are like "yo, how 'bout a post here and there?" I mean to, but somehow the whole day goes by and by the time I have a few minutes, I'm too wiped out to try and get outraged about anything.

I'd like to buy one of your T-shirts. Good stuff.

Smitty 11:33 AM  

I know, TH. Outrage takes so much energy. For the time being, I'll post links to other peoples' outrage. Call it Vicarious Anger. I'll sell T-shirts for that too. They'll say "I'm with Angry" and have an arrow pointing elsewhere.

Colin: I'll jump on to BA and send you a breakdown of "investment opportunities."

Mike 2:12 PM  

T-Hous & Smitty - Ahhhhh, stop yer' whinin'. Whattaya have kids or something?

(uhhh . . .)

Bob 1:47 PM  

Since you don't have a ton of time, but have a bunch of talented friends, how about having a guest column?

Folks you know could submit articles for your consideration and then you could post them if you felt they did not reflect poorly on:

a) real beer
b) Democratic values
c) your high standards for content

You could even offer up specific topics for people to write on.

If you really liked what someone wrote, maybe they could become a permanent partner.

Just an idea.

steves 1:53 PM  

I bought some organic bananas, so does that mean I am supporting eco-terrorism?

steves 7:56 PM  

FWIW, you blog is better than Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Nachos. The post on 300 was not all that good, though it was mostly a link to another site.

There seem to be all sorts of theories floating around the movie. Iran certainly has an interesting one...that it was made at the request of the US gov't to make fun of thier culture. The movie adds some stuff to the story, but it otherwise follows the comic pretty well. IIRC, Miller wrote it in 1997 or 98, so unless he can see into the future, it was not about the current war.

As for mocking the citizen-soldier, maybe, but I think they were mostly trying to show how badass the Spartans were.

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