I Hate Florida

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

This sucks ass.
I hate Billy Donovan. I hate Florida. I hate the SEC. And what I hate most of all is that the 84 - 75 victory over Ohio State (whom I also hate, but was forced to root for because they are at least a Big 10 school) confirms everything that the talking heads at ESPN have been gushing about for what feels like 6 months (but was really only a couple of days).

And in equally-disappointing news, there was the Tigers' opening day. 5 - 3 loss to the Blue Jays in 10 innings. Yes, boys, you still actually have to play baseball in order to win.


Okay, so there is still humor to be found today. I know you can normally post You Tube clips to Blogger, but I want this done quick and dirty. Go check out this video parody of My Humps by Alannis Morrisette. Hysterical.


B Mac,  8:51 AM  


To: Fergie
From: Everyone
Re: Your music

Stop it. We're begging you. Just stop.

steves 10:00 AM  

I'll take Fergie over Alannis's caterwauling, thought that video was pretty funny. Alannis has to be in the bottom 10, in terms of female singers.

Smitty 3:35 PM  

I'll take Fergie over Alannis's caterwauling

Though you missed the point of her pardoy, clouded by your hatred of The Hippie from Canada.

steves 4:40 PM  

No, I'm not that dense. The video was pretty funny.

Mike 6:59 AM  

Wait a second! You mean that was her parody version of a real song? The Fergie version has those same idiotic lyrics?

Tell me it ain't so.

steves 7:30 AM  

Fergie covered it, too. The original version was sung by Woody Guthrie.

Mike 9:47 AM  

Steves -- Over the course of a day, I think I lose about 3 minutes in total staring at that fucking picture.

Anonymous,  2:22 PM  

Alanis good, Fergie bad.



Smitty 3:46 PM  

Over the course of a day, I think I lose about 3 minutes in total staring at that fucking picture.

No kidding. I try to have a cogent debate with steves and I just can't. I'm mesmerized. No fair.

steves 8:54 PM  

I frequently change my avatar on other forums, but I just can't give up this one. It is hypnotic. To this day, I have no idea what her face looks like.

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