Friday, April 13, 2007

So sometimes, I get some time off. I am flying to Denver this weekend. So, no beer report today, which I know will truly disappoint all 3 of my readers. BUT, I will be visiting Great Divide Brewing Company and will provide a full report next week, as soon as I sober up.


Mike 11:28 AM  

I await.

I enjoyed the Boulder Brewing Co. "Mojo IPA" last night.

Of course, that followed the Brooklyn Brewing Co's "Local 1," bottle conditioned & all that. So I has myself a pretty stellar buzz going when I tried the IPA.

Otto Man 11:05 PM  

Never sober up. That way, the vacation never ends.

Robert 8:32 PM  

Yo Bitch, get your ass back on the blog. I saw you on the street and no our office ain't got coffee.

Ben,  10:39 AM  

nice blog dude, look forward to more beer stuff! Let me know when you're going to a tasting, an event, or whatever.

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