What a Weekend

Monday, September 10, 2007

Well, Spartan Fans (all....1 or 2 of us on this blog) are thrilled. State's 28-17 win over Bowling Green makes us all feel pretty good about our prospects of going into the Big 10 part of the season with 3 wins under our belts.

Of course, a good Sparty is nervous about the Pitt game next week and remembers what last year's season looked like when we went into the Big 10 season with 3 wins under our belt. That's about all we got.

For the most part, Hoyer was shaky. He blew lots of passes and I think 2 interceptions. He didn't find his mark much. Ringer and Caulcrick, though, each had excellent games, and the Receivers tried hard to make difficult catches. State's defense, primarily their secondary, looked way off in the first half. Bowling Green ran some very basic routes with their recievers and stuck the Spartan defense almost every time with a 1st down. It wasn't until the second half that the Spartan defense figured it out.

A side note: I loved the movie "300." Had a lot of fun watching it. But every time Bowling Green was at a third down...every damn time, they played that brief clip where King Leonidas screams "SPARTANS!!! WHAT IS YOUR PROFESSION!!!" followed by a gutteral war chant. Cool in the movie. Very motiovating. Drove home a point. But 900 times in one game at Spartan stadium? Tedious. Done to death. Find a new clip or move on. Like when they start the game, and the team runs onto the field, they should show that clip where King Leonidas screams (notice a pattern) "TONIGHT!! WE DINE IN HELL!!!!" See? Once. At the beginning of the game, when they take the field. I'd be motivated. I digress...

So, a few bugs to work out, especially in the secondary, and the Spartans could actually stare a winning season in the face.

But I am a Spartan fan, so my expectations are lowered.

Speaking of lowered expectations, will one of the Wolverines in the house explain to me what happened? Is it frustration? Injury? I mean, Henne hurt and Hart kinda hurt has to lower the chances for success, but is Oregon better than expected or is U of M just frustrated and over-playing?

Did I conceal my joy well enough?

And finally, the Lions. What?? 36-21! They won! I am thrilled! And now I am in that same place that Lions fans get into every year: this is our year to be good. To have a winning season. To make the playoffs. And that little voice in the back of your head is screaming at you to settle down and wait for the next game.

It started great...a 17-point lead. Then, typically, they blew it to a 1-point deficit. Great. I thought, here it goes again. But then....they got it back! The offense, the new, much-vaunted offense, looked the way it was supposed to look! All these great new picks we got...worked!

Let's not forget that Kitna boasted we'd get 10 wins this year. We'll see. The Lions' D looked like the Sparty D; a little shaky and forcing the offense to score to stay ahead rather than being good enough to just...stay ahead with what you've already got. That worked against an opponent like the Raiders. But will it keep working?

Just like State: the screw-ups are easily overcome by smaller, weaker teams. But come the Big 10, will it stand up?


steves 8:08 AM  

MSU just looks inconsistent to me, like they always do. I am cautiously optimistic, so we'll see.

As for U of M, I have heard that Carr is planning on retiring. I don't know how reliable this is, as it seems like the kind of rumor that would sprout up in a bad season.

Wow, the Lions beat the worse team in the NFL. We'll see how they do against the Vikings or the Bears.

Joel,  10:15 AM  

MSU's defense looks better than most thought it would, and the Big Ten looks down as a whole, with the exception of Penn State. Michigan is done. Ohio State and Wisconsin have been less than impressive in wins over weak teams. Purdue is putting up numbers, but they've done that before, only to collapse on Defense at some point.

The Lions? We'll see. The Raiders suck, so no real guage there. They did come back after giving up a big lead, so that's something that wouldn't have happened in the past. Now they need to actually MAINTAIN the leads.

As for my team, Michigan... *shrug* what can you say. Defense looks confused, offense looks undisciplined. This is one of those seasons where you just hope to get through it. The exciting thing is that Lloyd very well might retire, which doesn't excite me in-and-of-itself, since I think he's done a fine job for the most part, but it excites me that one of the coaches I actually worked for at UM while a manager, Les Miles, might come back. I LOVED this dude! He was an ass kicker and he was AWESOME. LSU looks phenominal right now, but the tug of Big Blue calling him home might be enough to lead Michigan.

I think Lloyd leaving is the right thing for HIM. He's a good guy with so many interests outside of football, he doesn't need this "Lloyd is an embarrassment to humanity" crap. He doesn't need it and doesn't deserve it.

He should get out, enjoy his family, travel, spend his money and leave these IDIOTS who call themselves Michigan fans behind.

Rickey Henderson 2:45 PM  

What is this foot-ball you speak of? Rickey knows only baseball smitty...

the infamous roger 1:52 PM  

Sports shmorts. I'm making an IPA.

The sweet wort is boiling, and I'm measuring out copious amount of simcoe and columbus.

6gal OG 1.072 ~100 IBU

15 lbs. Pale Malt (Rahr)
1 lbs. Munich 6.5L
1.25 lbs. Carapils
1 lbs. Caramel 40

60m .75oz Simcoe 11.9%AA
15m .5oz Columbus 14% AA
15m .5oz Simcoe
10m .5oz Columbus
10m .5oz Simcoe
5m .5 oz Columbus
5m .5oz Simcoe
0m 2oz Columbus
0m 2oz Simcoe

Colin 12:23 PM  

Woohoo! That's what I'm talking about Roger!

This weekend is going to be my very first batch on my new "system"! I've got a brand new Wort Chiller and Turkey Fryer to use for my first full-boil batch!* I'm going to do one extract full-boil batch to get accommodated to 5 gallons, and then make my next one all-grain on my new mash tun! Pretty simple recipe, going for an IPA but your hop selection has me thinking... I was going to go 100% Centennial, but perhaps I'll try something new! I've never used Columbus or Simcoe... any suggestions?

the infamous roger 3:45 PM  

Nothing wrong with all centennial. Columbus is very pine-y, and simcoe is piney with some citrus flavors.

Smitty 7:55 PM  

Now THAT, Roger, looks like a hulluva recipe. Thanks for sharing. Gotta say, I've never used Simcoe before. Is that grown in the states?

Bob "Chief Beer Advocate" 10:01 PM  

There was a game? Huh. I live in East Lansing and know of no game.


I think I have a daughter...now what was her name....

Colin 10:14 AM  

Well I bought two ounces of Nugget, two ounces of Simcoe, and an ounce of Amarillo for Dry Hop. I'll bitter with the Nugget and use the Simcoe for finishing.

I'm gonna go REAL simple here, 7lbs of the lightest DME I can get my hands on, one pound of Crystal 20l and some us-56 yeast. Can't get much easier.

the infamous roger 12:59 PM  

Colin, those are great hops for an American IPA.

Smitty, go to Hopunion.com and check out their hop data book. Another useful resource is the hop spreadsheet which can be found at http://home.mindspring.com/~webtunnel/HOPS.htm

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