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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Here's a question for you history and political geeks to discuss.

Do you think the United States, in its present form of 50 States, will still exist in 100 years?


Smitty 10:46 AM  

Well, I suppose the good people of Puerto Rico and Guam will get tired of independence. So they'll ask to become a part of the union.

This will enrage Texans and Teahadists, who are already afraid of the impending Latino majority in the U.S. Tey will try everything they can think of to stop it, from silly ads about how 52 stars will fuck up our flag to fear-mongering in the South about the threat to national security. Are they Puerto Rican? Or are they Cubans who moved to P.R., had anchor babies, then moved here? Are they Pakistani (who in 50 years will finally be found to be the culprits behind Bin Laden's funding and 9-11) who speak Spanish?

That very question will launch us into a debate on what could be the 30th amendment to the constitution, requiring English to be our official language. This divides the our country along nearly the same lines as in the 1860s. The South, along the Mason-Dixon line, threatens to secede. This time, though, the President says "fine. Have at it."

The "North" keeps Virginia this time. It's a close one in Colorado, but they choose "North" as does NV, UT and everyone above those states to the North. AZ, NM, TX, OK, LA all stay "South."

Thus, the official United States shrinks to 35, but Guam and Puerto Rico are unimpeded in their attempt to become state, bringing the U.S. total back up to 37.

Eventually, though, due to lost federal revenues, Canada agrees to purchase Alaska, including all of its mineral rights. Oil flows freely, and we begin to purchase more of it from Canada than before, as it comes in cheaper than what we even reserved from Texas. The U.S. total goes back down to 36. Negotiations are under way, however, to look at Canada, possibly bringing the number back to 48 if those talks go well.

Monk-in-Training 12:30 PM  

That is a really interesting question. Smitty has a great point about Puerto Rico. Eventually one would think that would have to be dealt with one way or the other.

Who knows, we might have 52 States, or maybe fewer. I will write you a letter and send it back in time... :)

Bob 1:19 PM  

"I will write you a letter and send it back in time... :)"

Western Union only goes forward in time.

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