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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

This settles it.

The royal marriage is doomed.

With their nuptials just days away, reports say Prince William and Kate Middleton have decided no beer or hard liquor will be served at their reception.


Reports say palace officials and the couple felt it was inappropriate for guests to be drinking beer and spirits in front of the Queen.
Need I say more?

I searched the internet and came across the flowchart below. Using this flowchart, it is easy to see that one of the most appropriate drinks for a wedding is beer (look in the upper left quadrant of the flowchart and you will see a direct line from "are you at a wedding" to "beer"). Clearly, the money the Royal Couple has paid to their wedding planner is wasted; they never consulted this handy chart.

[flowchart source: Brookston Beer Bulletin and artist Melissa Schmechel]


Bob 1:41 PM  

Wasn't it determined that ATK would not post anything Royal wedding related unless it was to link to reveiling photos/videos of the princess-to-be?

Smitty 2:29 PM  

This is true Bob. However, I felt that the banning of beer at the Royal Wedding was so egregious that it couldn't go un-mentioned at ATK.

steves 3:31 PM  

Well, I am not going now.

Bob 3:44 PM  

New rule:

R 104.564
Only in instances where boobs or beer will also be discussed shall a post about the Royal family be allowed at ATK.

Smitty 3:50 PM  

Supported by Steve. Motion to adopt new rule R. 104.564. All in favor?


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