F*** Metallica

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I blame Metallica for this:

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

In all seriousness, of course I don't.  It's the entertainment industry as a whole.  And before anyone whinges about this vid being laden with hyperbole ("can go to jail for 5 years even for just singing a pop song"), it's actually true.  It's in the bill.

This bill is the end of social media, and I believe that's exactly what the entertainment industry wants.  They want to be the sole source of information, not the much more democratized internet, and this is their salvo.  This bill allows them to shut down site for just one single link that is subjectively offensive or in violation.  What will YouTube and Facebook do?  What will I do as a user?  If I see a cool piece of artwork, take a pic of it, and send it to my buddies saying "get over to this gallery; this is awesome," will I look at a fine?  Not massively likely, but Facebook will be forced to close my account (umm...on second thought...).

Call or write your Congresscritter.


steves 7:02 AM  

How would they even enforce this?

Monk-in-Training 7:36 AM  

You know I am old enough to remember the 1974 model year of cars. That year required you to buckle your seat belts to start your car.

I believe it was January 1975, just a few months after the models were introduced in the fall of 1974 when Congress repealed the law.

I think interrupting Youtube or Facebook would have the same result.

At least the rebellion would be fun to watch. ;)

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