The Tea Party Peasants.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

As the so-called Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protests have grown, many people, including President Obama, have compared the groups to the Tea Party protests. While both groups seem to like dressing up in funny costumes, it seems to me that only two or so substantive factors energize both groups:

1) The stagnant economy.
2) The banking crisis/bailout.

This is where the similarities end. The TPer’s blame the Government for creating the mess through too much Government. The OWS crowd blames the mess on not enough government: "Wall Street"* is the problem and government is not regulating/punishing them enough.

What are the TPers answers to our problems? Less oversight, less government, less economic justice and more regressive taxation. In other words, the Ayn Rand fantasy world that Wall Street loved, right up until they needed a bailout. The two groups might be pissed about similar problems, but their solutions could not be more different. OWS wants policies not seen in a generation. TPers want more of the same stuff that got us into this mess.

Take it from a Conservative:

The tea party stands for a series of propositions that don't meet the reality test: that deficits matter more than jobs, that cutting deficits and tightening credit will accelerate economic growth, that high taxes and over-regulation are the most important reasons that growth has not revived, and that America still offers the world's best opportunity for the poor to rise. Tea party plans call for a radical shift in the burden of taxation from the rich to the poor -- and promise big reductions in government spending without touching any of the benefits of current retirees.

If put into practice, the tea party platform is a formula for political and economic crisis.

David Frum, the author of the above piece at CNN is no lefty.  He worked for President George W. Bush. He might not be calling for a return the Glass-Steagall Act but I think he makes it clear whose side these fools are really on.  He admits that an American Laissez-faire economony does not lift all boats.

If the Tea Party advocates for all that corporate America wants, are they really a populist movement of the right as the MSM has made them out to be? I think not. In reality, they are a mislead group of peasants, carrying water for the ruling class.

They sure aren't patriots.  It's time to call them what they are:  peasants advocating for the landowner.  They are like a sharecropper running to the Government for more land for the landowner.  They are the slave fighting for the confederacy on behalf of the plantation owner. 

The TPers are just too ignorant to realize who is pulling their chain. Between Freedom Works, a lobby firm, funding their operations and Fox News giving them marching orders, I have little confidence they will figure it out.

*For purposes of this article “Wall Street” is shorthand for the international corporate overlords in the Financial, Insurance and Real Estate (FIRE) Sectors and other paper-pushers who make a boat load of cash at the expense of everyone else.


Smitty 11:46 AM  

In reality, they are a mislead group of peasants, carrying water for the ruling class.

That says it all. I'd go another step and say that Tea Party members exhibit signs of Stockholm Syndrome.

steves 5:59 PM  

Like many groups, I don't think the TP'ers all have the same goals. I am sure many would support fewer regulations, in the hope that those businesses would have more money to hire more workers. I think they are naive, in that some level of regulation is needed. I always got the impression that most of them wanted lower taxes. Again, I think this is also naive, as some things have to be adequately funded.

Smitty 8:23 PM  

I don't think the TP'ers all have the same goals

I think you're sort of right. I think they don't recognize goals in the same way a traditional political party forms a platform. I don't see "we're party X and we believe in blah, blahgiddy and blah blah."

But I do see common themes. They may not have a formal platform process and a couple decades worth of messaging around those platforms, but they do have common themes and those all seem to be centered around a parroting of corporatist ideals. The TP, to me, seems to be a political over-reaction to a poor economy. "ZOMG, what do we do?? Our economiez iz badzzz! Hey, business says to cut taxes and they'll make us some nice jobs,"

And the leaders of this party, or even of those who the standard Republicans court in the primary process, seems to shift with who can say that stuff the loudest and with the most bravado. Perry wants a fence. Bachmann, in response, wants two. Cain, in response, wants it higher and with more armed guards. And who leads right now, despite bad-touch charges? Cain. He said it the loudest and most off the hinges.

This is a political movement for my 6 year old. I am bigger, so I am right; that car is louder and has more smoke, so it's awesomer.

Monk-in-Training 6:26 AM  

One question I have, is when do the peasants realize there are more of them than there are the 1 percenters who have all the money...

This just might not end well for those behind mansion gates, should it not fizzle out. In other words I think OWS has two paths ahead, fizzling out, or serious civil disobedience.

In the mean time, keep Wall Street Occupied by sending back in all those credit card self addressed envelopes, or check out the video of the guy talking about it.

Keep Wall Street Occupied (search youtube)

Bob 7:08 AM  

" In other words I think OWS has two paths ahead, fizzling out, or serious civil disobedience. "

Like taking over a major port in CA?

That should have been done prior to all our products going offshore.

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