Fun with Rick Perry

Thursday, December 08, 2011

The Rick Perry Scary:

The Heathen Response:


Smitty 9:24 PM  

DAMMIT Bob, you beat me to it.

Bob 7:59 AM  

Great minds....

Smitty 9:07 AM  

This notion of "Obama's war on Christianity" is such utter bullshit nonsense that it makes me want to eat nails.

Obama's war on Christianity includes:
--fully-funding Bush II's government grants for faith-based initiatives;
--dragging his feet on DADT until Congress did something about it;
--Doing a whole speech about being a Christian

Sure I can find more if I look on Google for 30 seconds.

Bob 9:12 AM  

BTW - I have a Carhartt too Rick, but I actually work in, and wear out mine.

Monk-in-Training 9:00 PM  

The fear is palpable with these people.

That is so far away from the Faith I know and love...

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