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Friday, December 16, 2011

I just discovered an interesting blog that I have added to our lefty links below.  Stone Kettle Station is written by a retired US Navy Chief Warrant Officer in Alaska.  The quote from his current post "Everybody’s So Different, I Haven’t Changed" is about the shock his hometown friends (in Michigan) have when they realize he is not a right winger like them.  It seems like a good read...

When did I become pro-abortion? When did I become anti-gun? When did I become anti-religion? And so on?

I never did.

It’s all part of a set piece. The world is full of dying children, here and abroad. They starve to death every day in unlamented tens of thousands and rot in a hundred thousand unmarked graves. They die of disease and neglect and war and poverty and abuse and slavery and a thousand other horrors. I’ve seen them. I’ve walked among their shattered bodies. Those folks who bleat so loudly about God’s will and God’s love should go out and see with their own eyes what God’s will and God’s love has wrought in the dark corners of the world – and right here in the United States. People like the Pope pray and sing and enjoin his followers to save a handful of cells unattached to the uterine wall. That pompous hypocrite. Children? You’re goddamned kidding me. There’s a place in hell for that guy, yes there is. See, I’ve walked through his home too. He lives in a palace of gold surrounded by a city-state of riches while real live living children are abused under his very roof, while tens of thousands more starve and struggle and cough out their lives on parched soil. Mega-Church pastors stand before millions of TV viewers every Sunday and lament their poverty, while surrounded by billion dollar empires of glass and steel and silver. They talk of peace and wage war. They speak of sacrifice and live like kings. They praise truth and yet decry science. They preach love and inclusion but practice hate and exclusion. They offer salvation, at a price. They speak of humility and arrogantly try to impose their will upon the world. When did I come to hate bullies? For just as goddamned long as I can remember.

When did I change?

The simple answer to that question is that I never did.


Jay 9:54 AM  

Uh...wow. That guy strikes me as a very clear thinker. Perspective, what a rush.

steves 8:27 PM  

Interesting, but not really much different than most people I know. One of the shitty things about a 2 party system is that moderates don't really have a home. The older I get, the less excited I get come election time and the more I find myself voting for the person who pisses me off the least.

His blog also suffers from too many comments. While I like a good discussion, I also like a smaller group.

Bob 8:55 AM  

"His blog also suffers from too many comments. While I like a good discussion, I also like a smaller group."

Agreed. I often find good blogs, but I often do not return if the comments exceed 100.

Mr Furious 2:24 PM  

Excellent stuff. I'll have to check it out.

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