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Friday, February 03, 2012

When your top public health and medical advisory board officials resign over your decision, that tells me there is more to this Komen story than a bunch of dirty hippies getting pissed they lost a few bucks to screen women for breast cancer.

It tells me some conversations were had internally that led people to believe that they cannot have their name associated with Komen any more.

Funny that this internal struggle inside Komen that led to this short-sighted, politically-based decision coincided with the hiring of a former conservative Georgia gubernatorial candidate who has nasty things to say about Planned Parenthood.

Finally, this article discusses the short-sightedness of this particular decision.  It ends with a particularly interesting quote:

In a ghastly coincidence, the same day Komen pulled the money from Planned Parenthood because Stearns thought they were spending federal funds on abortions, the Journal of the America Medical Association published a damning study that almost half of women receiving second surgeries after lumpectomies didn't need the procedure. Painful, disfiguring, unnecessary surgery. At least three of the four sites studied in the JAMA report -- the University of Vermont, Kaiser Permanente Colorado, and the Marshfield Clinic -- has a relationship with the Komen Foundation. Kaiser Permanente is a "corporate campaign partner," the University of Vermont received a research grant, the Central Wisconsin Komen affiliate sponsors programs at the Marshfield Clinic. Maybe Komen should concentrate their granting criteria on whether the recipients are actually helping cancer patients.
Well well well.  Look who came to their senses.


Bob 1:25 PM  

Sorry, they did not come to their senses. They half-assed tried to repair it. Everyone will be pissed now.

This is the equivilent of Bart-Stupak's reversal on abortion and health care reform. What happened to that guy?

Smitty 4:08 PM  

Yeah, I just read their apology. All the headlines suggest they'll give the money back and stop looking for shitty excuses, but nothing in their actual statement says that.

Fortunately, I have never given to Komen, so my behavior won't change. But man, unless their CEO and their anti-PP, anti-contraceptive public policy director step down, Komen is gonna sink.

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