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Monday, June 18, 2012

Here's as full of a story we're going to get on MBC right now.

So, a question I have for the coming months: who will buy the rights to MBC's brand names?

And some follow-ups, if I may:  Will they keep the names the same?  Will it be resurrected, like Bobby resurrected the Celis name?  Will whichever company buys the beer brands improve some of the recipes?  Keep some the same?

And the fate of MBC Downtown is unclear.  The manager right no is trying to get a Class C liquor license, allowing him to be a beer bar and serve, as is his wont, higher-end craft beer.  If the City of Lansing gives him guff, I'll be sure to let all 4 ATK readers know so we can all bitch to city hall.


Bob 10:58 AM  

I read the LSJ article this weekend. They made it sound like Bobby Mason is one real a-hole.

Smitty 1:05 PM  

Yeah...they did. I got to know him, and he was always really congenial and always looking for that next new way to get noticed and make a buck. But it looks like when it came to finances, he was an a-hole.

steves 1:13 PM  

Sad. I am no beer expert, but I always enjoyed their offerings. I also prefer to buy local when I can.

Sopor 12:39 PM  

I gained a very different perspective of Bobby Mason after getting involved in the beer industry and community on the production side in Michigan. He was not an a-hole IMO, but he was a frickin idiot. Had one of Michigan's original hot beds of brewing creativity, talent and skill there! Many of Michigan's great Master Brewers (and many heads, assistants, cellarmen etc) got their starts at MBC. Due to his insistence on micro-managing, paying only half-assed attention to the trends in the beer scene, and making all sorts of bad financial/brewing/production decisions, he ran off his talent and skill and ran a once successful brewery into the ground.

(I've got a post coming for ya Smitty! I know ya wanna hear about Oregon and Rogue. And you'll never guess what I'm making these days.... THIS is my new office!)

Sopor 12:48 PM  

Oh Smitty! I just realized that this has an even bigger significance for you and me; we met there at a BeerAdvocate gathering!

Smitty 9:47 AM  

You're distilling??

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