Beer to Beat the August Heat

Monday, June 11, 2012

Time to get a couple beers in the fermenter for the brutal August I'm expecting.  I'm thinking of some new (but not risky) takes on classic summery ales.

What about a Blonde Ale (go here, click "6B" on page 2), brewed with apricots?

What about a Kolsch (go here, click "6C" on page 2), or maybe a Weizen, (15A, same page), brewed with honey?  Note:  the honey doesn't add sweetness; it ferments completely.  It'll add some alcohol, and some flavors of the type of honey it is (organey from orange blossoms, floral from clover, etc), as well as add a bit of body to the beer.  So the Kolsch won't be so lightly watery and the weizen will be a tad creamier.

This Blonde Ale, which is normally this sort of lighter, grainy concoction, brewed with apricots is really exciting me.  I love Dogfish Head ApriHop, what with its complex balance of hoppy IPA and nectary-sweet apricots.  Really a great beer.  But a Blonde Ale is normally  I think apricots, as mildly sweet as they are, will add a really nice sweetness to this otherwise grainy doldrum without overpowering it.  Apricots aren't as strong as blueberries or raspberries or cherries.  They're really mild, so I feel like I'm not gonna be brewing "fruit juice with beer in it."

Note - some examples:  New Holland has a fine Kolsch-style ale called Full Circle.  My favorite weizen is Hacker-Pschorr Weisse.  And a passable Blonde Ale is either Fuller's Summer Ale or Saugatuck Oval Beach Blonde.

What says the crowd?

Week 3 of Crossfit training.  I train 3 days, take a day off to stretch and do yoga, 3 on 1 off, etc.  Today's Workout of the Day is called The Filthy Fifty:

  1. 50 box jumps
  2. 50 jumping pullups (start in a squat, jump into pull up, drop, land in squat)
  3. 50 kettlebell swings, 30#
  4. 50 walking lunges
  5. 50 push-press (standing shoulder/upper-chest press), 45#
  6. 50 back extensions
  7. 50 burpees
  8. 50 jump-rope reps
  9. Run 800m
Hell yeah.


Rickey 4:16 PM  

Does 11 minutes of intense angry masturbation count as a workout? If so, Rickey has quite the regimen established for himself.

Bob 7:09 AM  

11 intense minutes?

Rickey 7:31 AM  

Yes 11. Give or take. What of it?

Smitty 7:58 AM  

If your heart rate is above 160 for 11 minutes, I believe it approaches a workout.

Rickey 9:07 AM  

So a heartbeat monitor should be worn during this activity?

Bob 9:29 AM  

I think your heart rate must be elevated for 20 minutes to reach aerobic exercise. Just saying, most dudes won’t be training for a marathon with this sort of exercise regimen.

As far as a heart rate monitor, I think it is important to consult a physician prior to engaging in any sort of exercise routine.

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