Mars or Alderaan?

Friday, August 31, 2012

While we have been discussing the 2nd Amendment here at ATK, the Curisoity rover has been blasting away on Mars with a gun - of sorts - of its own.

As you will see below, Curiosity has been zapping holes into rocks with a laser to examine their make-up.  See the before and after below.

So I wonder if the 2nd Amendment applies on Mars.  Does the 2nd Amendment apply to laser weapons?  If there are Martians there, could Curiosity defend itself?

Read more here.


Smitty 8:32 AM  

Jesus Christ. We land on a planet unencumbered by humans, and the first fucking thing we do is bring a gun.

Jay 10:24 AM  

Is this better or worse than playing golf on the moon? Might be a toss-up.

steves 7:22 AM  

Didn't you ever read any of the John Carter books? There is some scary shit on Mars.

steves 7:25 AM  

I would argue that the 2nd includes lasers, but that probably isn't a surprise to anyone.

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