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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Moments ago, Mitt Rmoney (R-Flip flopper) just chose Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Tea Party) as his running mate.  So, can a Presidential candidate pick a running mate who wants to turn Medicare into a voucher program and not lose senior votes?  Is Florida now an easier win for Obama?

This just reeks of a campaign that cannot shore up the support of its base.

Let's kick off this campaign season a bit late and let me know your thoughts.


steves 9:19 PM  

Most of the die-hard Republicans I know are happy with that pick. I don't car for Ryan, but I also know the VP doesn't really have that much influence or really do much.

I was solid for Obama, but his recent statements in favor of more gun control has me worried.

Bob 9:58 PM  

What statement in favor of more gun control?

steves 10:46 AM  

Statements that "assault weapons" belong in the hands of soldiers, not "on the streets." There was also another saying he would support bringing back the AWB.

Granted, these statements are somewhat vague, but I will admit that it doesn't make me all warm and fuzzy.

Bob 9:12 PM  

Obama has always said he would sign a new AWB. He is also one of the first Democratic Presidents who said that the 2nd Amendment is an individual right. Despite the gun violence, he has been quiet. Many would say too quiet. We Americans are no longer allowed to speak of the causes of gun violence, whether they be mental illness, the accessability of guns, or our culture.

Instead of doing what the NRA used to do well: educate young people on firearms and firearm safety, advocate for responsible gun ownership and responble gun laws, it now spreads fear that the scary dude in the White House is going to take guns away from law-abiding people. They claim he is laying in wait for his 2nd term, to come after all of our guns. I am not sure to what end, but that is the claim.

The problem is that the NRA is no longer a gun owners and gun rights organization. It is a right wing organization who uses scare tactics and dishonesty around the gun issue to elect people like them and sell more guns for the industry that supports them.

It is amazing that a couple weak comments can scare you. What the hell are you afraid of? Are you a believer in NRA and Glen Beck conspiracy theories? Do you think the government is going to lock us up in FEMA re-education camps? What the hell. Nobody is taking your fucking gun.

steves 6:18 AM  

I keep hearing about how this is something we can't talk about. I would have to say the reason that we can't talk about this has more to do with a lack of civility than some actual rule against talking about it.

I never said I was scared that the Obama was going to come to my house and take away my guns. I expressed some level of worry and concern. I never said anything about Beck and I have never said anything about him in the past. Give me some credit. I have never said anything about any conspiracy theories. Do you believe all gun owners buy into this stuff?

The AWB is not consistent with the 2nd Amendment. Study after study concluded that it does nothing to reduce crime. Some states still have their own version of the AWB that also does nothing to reduce crime.

Frank Lautenberg has already introduced a new AWB, which is no surprise. He has consistently been anti-gun for his entire career.

The NRA supported an enhanced reporting system for people with mental illnesses. That being said, the NRA-ILA is supposed to lobby for gun rights. I presume that is why people donate money to them. In the last midterm elections, they endorsed more than 50 Democrats in House elections.

As for Obama, I have said here (and everywhere) that he is ok when it comes to gun rights. I don't believe it is an important issue for him. The problem lies in that his record prior to coming to the White House has been very solid anti-gun. I still don't believe he is laying in wait for his second term to implement a bunch of new anti-gun laws, but if he starts calling for a bunch of new legislation, that can be concerning.

I am not scared of anything at this point, but I do not want a new AWB.

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