Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Get off your dead ass and go vote.  Now!

While I clearly endorse Obama, those readers in Michigan should vote NO, actually vote HELL NO, on Proposal 5 and 6.  Do NOT turn us into CA with restrictions on raising taxes and please don't preserve a billionaire's bridge monopoly.

Go now.

Still here? 

Go vote.


Jay 1:52 PM  

I'm pretty sure Smitty meant "do NOT turn us into CA."

Smitty 1:58 PM  


We do NOT want to be CA. Their budget problems are tied specifically to their inability to have a rational tax discussion.

steves 4:56 PM  

For the most part, I hate ballot initiatives. The Founding Fathers called direct democracy the "tyranny of the masses" and they were right. Most of the time, it just comes down to who spends the most on advertising.

Bob 5:15 PM  

Oops. Thanks for the fix Smitty.

Steves. I agree. While sometmes the will of the majority is not being expressed by the legislature and therefore, the inititive is necissary, overall it is a dangerous thing.

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