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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Donna Lange, Washington Woman, Accused Of Using Her Breasts To Smother And Kill Boyfriend


steves 9:00 AM  

I hate to say this, but this thread is useless without pictures.

Bob 9:04 AM  

I have to say there would be worse ways to die - having NOT seen pictures.

Smitty 4:45 PM  


I'd have plastered this blog with them, if there were.

Smitty 4:57 PM  

Every story and Google Image Search I can find use file photos, not her real photo.

However, according to the article:

She "was 5-feet, 6-inches and 192 pounds."

steves 6:45 PM  

There was a murder a few months ago in Russia where a woman did the same thing. She was scary.

leighton 11:15 AM  

Clearly this was inspired by our culture of violent films.

Joel 6:22 PM  

Is this termed cleavage asphyxiation?

Smitty 9:03 AM  

Holy lord that's the funniest/most painfully bad-looking movie trailer I've ever watched.

Monk-in-Training 9:14 PM  

Who knew a vow of Chasity would save your life? ;)

Bob 5:26 PM  

"Who knew a vow of Chasity would save your life? ;)"

Or a fetish for flat-chested chicks.

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