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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

The video below is an example of what we discussed earlier.  If one side of the gun debate has to claim Dirty Fucking Hippies and no-guns-ever pacifists, then the other side has to claim this guy:

More fun here:

This guy is not helpful.  High comedy and a laugh-riot, for sure, but not helpful in the Great Gun Debate.


steves 5:35 PM  

Piers Morgan is a douchebag of the first magnitude and he got taken apart by GOA (Gun Owners of America) president, Larry Pratt, in a previous debate.

One thing Piers is not bad at, is promoting himself and choosing "skilled" debaters. Picking Infowars founder Alex Jones was absolutely fucking brilliant. He is probably responsible for 20-30% of the worldwide sale of tin foil and there is no half baked conspiracy theory he won't buy into.

One of the gun forums I help moderate has a few AJ fans, but they are usually mocked into hiding after posting a few things from him. Someone posted a thread on the debate a few days before it aired, calling it "Kook v. Kook: Alex Jones to appear on Piers Morgan."

Most of us cringed because we knew what was going to happen, and AJ did not disappoint. There were a few of his nuttier theories that he didn't mention, but he otherwise acted like he usually does. While there were a few AJ supporters that say he won the debate, most of us agreed that he didn't do the gun rights movement any favors.

steves 5:38 PM  

The gun rights people do not want Alex Jones. For every gun rights person that likes Alex Jones, I can find a hundred that thinks he is bat shit crazy.

Bob 9:17 PM  

That guy wants me want to buy an AR15.

Smitty 9:49 PM  

I'm not saying the pro-gun-rights people WANT Jones; I'm just saying they have to CLAIM him. And the anti-gun folks have to claim Piers Morgan. That's fair.

steves 10:23 PM  

The birther, teabagger, truther folks have a stronger claim to him. It is bad enough that we have to have Ted Nugent, you can't make us take AJ, too.

Bob, Alex Jones wants you to buy an AR15?

Smitty 10:38 PM  

No, cuz anti-gun people have to claim Michael Moore too, so AJ is all in the pro-gun camp.

steves 10:42 PM  

Tempting, but Michael Moore is the fountainhead of truth and reason compared to Alex Jones.

Bob 4:07 AM  
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Bob 4:16 AM  

It was a joke. Alex Jones makes me want to buy a gun to protect myself from Alex Jones.

steves 8:23 AM  

You should be scared of Alex Jones. He scares me. Good luck finding an AR now. Prices are crazy.

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