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Thursday, March 21, 2013

At long last, an internet porn cache has finally decided to study what people in the world like to jerk-off to.

And we are a truly fucked-up species.

The website PornMD has collected the most-searched search terms on its site, and compiled it for us by rank and location.  Here's a snapshot of U.S. searches:

Pretty normal, nothing shocking
Some searches from around the globe:
WTF with toilets and shitting, people??
And finally some searches from what we consider "oppressive regimes" (ironic, given America's notable sexual repression):
Already creeped-out by "mom" and "family," but prostate??
Go ahead and play around (pun intended) with the fully interactive map and have a look-see as to what starts boners popping in our ever-shrinking globe:

Note:  the interactive map doesn't show all the way across, so you lose the data.  Follow this link.


Bob 10:45 AM  

What no search results for the Vatican?

Bob 11:37 AM  

And half of your posted photos were filtered here.

steves 8:37 AM  

I am not easily surprised, but I will admit that this is somewhat surprising.

Bob 2:55 PM  

PornMD, I see its like teh Google, for smut. Yay.

Top ten searches originated from the Vatican:

10) Hot Priest (Gay)
9) Hot Priest
8) Hot Nun
7) Priest on Priest
6) Confessional
5) Confessional Gang-bang
4) Catholic School Girl
3) Choir boys
2) Rectory
1) Priest on choir boy

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