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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The beer saga continues. Making beer is strange in that if you think about it, all the little yeast spores are eating sugar. The catch is that they poop alcohol. Yummy!

Anyway, lovely assistant brewmaster Jennifer helped me rack the beer this evening from the first fermenter, where the reaction had slowed a bit, into the secondary fermenter, where the yeast will be given a chance to finish eating and shitting, and settle into the beer. This will take around 2 weeks.

The picture you see here are the two fermenters; the one on the left is the newly-racked beer, still bubbling away in the little airlock, and the nasty original fermenter.

The original, without the beer in it, smells quite a bit like wet bread, which is not evil, but still pretty pungent. The beer, as it was poured into the second fermenter, smelled faaaaaaantastic. This will be good beer.

I took a little taste. It's pretty flat still at this point in the process, but tastes about 75% of what the finished product will be. Mostly, you taste here to make sure you haven't killed it, which I don't think I have.

Brewmaster Mark will join me in about 2 weeks to bottle-condition our concoction.


Thrillhous 3:11 PM  

Looking good! I didn't know you brewed your own (okay, I read down a few entries and see that you've recently resumed an old hobby). I've brewed a couple times, but I haven't been too happy with the results. I attribute that mostly to sloppiness. You're making me want to try it again, though!

Anonymous,  9:40 PM  

Looks good. I'd be flattered and thrilled if I could try it.

Tip: get some Oxyclean Free at target. It will make short work of the carboy you used for primary.


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