Happy New Year! Time to Brew...

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I don't do New Year's resolutions. I never finish them. It makes for cute table talk or icebreakers, though, for the next week or so.

Given that, if I resolve to do anything, New Years or not, it is to brew more beer!

Time to expand horizons. Time to try new things. I am placing orders....what shall I brew this weekend? Russian Imperial Stout? British Bitter? Another American Pale Ale? Chocolate Stout? What'll it be?

First to reply gets 4 bottles of whatever you request.


Anonymous,  12:16 PM  

I hear that Russian Imperial Stout rocks. I vote for that.

I am lloking forward to my 4 bottles.


Smitty 2:12 PM  

RIS it is. The winner is Bob!

Bob........which Bob?

Anonymous,  9:19 PM  

Lets brew again! You know who I am, so I get the 4 free bottles, YAY!

Lets try a daring style for 2006, like Fuller's London Pride or Oberon.


Smitty 9:15 AM  

Funny you mention that, Pols. I just bought the stuff for Fullers ESB.....

I suspect "Bob" is Bob Burns. Am I right?

Anonymous,  11:57 AM  

Yes, it is me. Keeps your paws off my four beers Pols.


B Mac,  3:05 PM  

I've heard good things about this Imperial Stout, but I could also go for some of that ESB... and seeing as my co-worker never brought any of the Pale Ale for a little office taste-test, I think I should be able to snag a couple sips of the new brew.

Bob,  10:33 AM  

I'll share some of mine b mac.


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