The Brilliance of Our Fore....Brothers

Thursday, March 09, 2006

I see posts like this one here about the health effects of beer over juice AND milk (see, mom??? It's just healthy behavior!!!), and I think to myself:



You know, monks used to forego all three meals a day...for 40 days...and drank beer instead. What we have now are quite-often (though not in all cases) tea-totaling religious fanatics who rail against the evils of beer. We have entire organzations formed to combat perceived "evils" of drinking beer. Their gatherings are full of juice, kool-aid and milk.

But I see this study, and I ask myself: who really, truly lived a happier life, closer to God? Is it those who refuse alcohol as an intrument that pulls us away from God?

No. It was the monks who drank beer. Drink beer and live longer...closer to a monk.


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