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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I did not bring my camera to the Winter Beer Fest held in "Old Town" Lansing, because when I drink that volume, I lose my peripheries and accoutrements. Watches, cameras, pamphlets, shoes, etc. So in a crowd this big (see picture) I would certainly have placed my camera on a brewer's table, and away it would have walked.

What a riot the Fest was. My wife and I arrived about 12:30 (to me, a half hour late), hit the Founders table, and it was all down hill from there.

21 of the 75+ breweries in Michigan were there. Each brought their more popular beers as well as some sort of special edition beer. The highlight, as I have pointed out in my previous blog below about whether or not Jesus actually appeared in my beer, was the Founders Kentucky Breakfastr Stout. Tears. But an amazing time was had by all, as is indicated in this picture (see picture).

Only 1 hospitalization in the crowd from too much booze and 1 incident of pissing in public...not bad for 1,500 people and essentially free beer. When true officianados converge for the sole purpose of drinking tons of really snobby beer, the Michigan Winter Beer Fest is where it's at.


Sopor,  3:10 PM  

Dave looks like he's got a serious problem in the background there... His glass is empty!!!

beatneck 5:34 PM  

Awesome to see a pic to remind me how crowded it was in there. Cause, you know, I had somewhat blurred memories by the end.

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