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Friday, April 14, 2006

In the spirit of the continued Friday Random 10:

I like music with my beer; sometimes the music itself sets the tone for me. A few weeks ago, I did food-and-beer, so in that same spirit, I will attempt music-with-beer. Here goes nothin' but a hangover:

1) Triple Corpse Hammerblow-- Children of Bodom. Good ol' European speed metal, complete with cheesy synthesizer and faster-than human guitar. Speed metal like this, lightning fast and a little cheesy, deserves nothing better than Pilsner Urquell: fast, light, racy, and just mass-market enough to be cheesy, even though it was one of "the first" pilsners.

2) Got to be More Careful--Jon Cleary. True, true down South New Orleans funk. Hell yes. Smooth, slow, funky. Sounds to me like a peat-smoked Scottish Wee Heavy like Skullsplitter. Sweet, slow, smokey; like a cigar, a scoth and a beer all at once.

3) Dust My Broom--Freddie King. Freddie King, a blues guitar GOD, pays perfect homage to a classic of classics. Listen to this with Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, which is an updated version of an old classic style.

4) H--Tool. Deep, dark, brooding music from Tool matches well with Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout: dark, deep, complex as Hell, a little unhappy but you somehow feel etherial drinking it.

5) Voices--Disturbed. Mass market bullshit deserves mass market bullshit: none other than Miller Lite. Lite unoffensive beer for lite, unoffensive nu-metal.

6) Township Rebellion--Rage Against the Machine. Political Rebellion, which is pretty much what beer is anyway, being the "drink of Democracy." I can think of none other than Rogue St. Red Ale. It's Rogue. The bottle has a picture of Che Guevara on it.

7) Pueblo Nuevo--Buena Vista Social Club. Speaking of Che... Anyway, Cuban-inspired piano jazz deserves Rogue (again) Jazz Guy Ale. Still smooth, and this time the picture is Che in sunglasses. The finish is a nice, smooth dry "hop." Just like the song.

8) Wynona's Big Brown Beaver--Primus. Weird funky metal whatever it is meets Frank Boon's Gueuze: a weird, funky concoction of wildly pleasurable Belgian-style spiciness and fruitiness ixed with a hint of a barnyard funk. Just like Primus.

9) Je M'Endors--Michael Doucet and Beausoleil. Classic cajun folk music deserves the best that French beers have to offer: 3 Monts Biere de Garde. Fast, churning carbonation with a big burst of spice up front, just like a cajun two-step. Fast fast fast and pleasant as Hell.

10) Vide Infra--Killswitch Engage. Melodic, with crunching guitars (with extra crunch) and relentless double-bass drum topped-off by back-of-the-throat lyrical shredding meets 21% ABV 120 Minute IPA from Dogfish Head. Searing alcohol at 21%, balanced sweetness with a huge hop attack that leaves my head pounding the next morning.


red, white and brew 12:06 PM  

Oh great, now that your beer drinking will slow, and you have taken your little test, the world will once again be treated to sober bleating from a liberal who normally chooses to see the world through a drunken haze. Hey maybe once you enter a 12-step program, you will see reality, and become a sober conservative.

I guess liberal politics is like beer and women. Ugly women look better when a guy is drunk, maybe that’s the way for people to accept liberalism. Politics through beer goggles, the only way we elect liberals.

Smitty 2:07 PM  

Ah yes! A re-hash of a comment you left a few posts ago! Well thought-out indeed.

12-step programs are for quitters. God hates a quitter.

red, white and brew 3:04 PM he invokes God...liberal atheist.

Smitty 3:12 PM  

Not all "liberals" are athiests. Just like I am sure that not all conservatives are total assholes.

Anonymous,  10:48 AM  



Anonymous,  4:39 PM  

Blog research request: Why do some beers give you a worse hangover than others?


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