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Monday, April 03, 2006

So, I gotta wait up to three months for the actual results of the test, but for now I am an Apprentice, and am in the Beer Judge Certification Program. I am part of the magical list of people who are called upon to work at and judge competitions. How cool!

The pressure of the test is off my shoulders, and at the end of the day, I feel like I did pretty well. There were just a few answers I am unhappy with, but overall, I am sure I passed.

Thanks for all of your support, those of you silly enough to read my blog. Of course, I will continue to talk about beer, and the site is still dedicated to the pursuit of good damn beer.

But I can also again return to making fun of this.

Or bitching about things like this.

Or waiting with baited breath to see what happens with this situation.


Bmac,  2:53 PM  

Congrats again. Your dedication to beer is a model for us to follow. And I plan to do so, starting after work...

As for the Venezualan Army, I'm reminded of those old SNL skits about Da Bears:
"Final Score: Da United States 97, Da Venezualans -2"

Sopor,  12:43 PM  

Congrats man! I can't wait to be able to enter a competition with you judging! Woohoo!

red, white and brew 12:34 PM  

Oh great, now that your beer drinking will slow, the world will once again be treated to sober bleating from a liberal who normally chooses to see the world through a drunken haze. Hey maybe once you enter a 12-step program, you will see reality, and become a sober conservative.

I guess liberal politics is like beer and women. Ugly women look better when a guy is drunk, maybe that’s the way for people to accept liberalism. Politics through beer goggles, the only way we elect liberals.

InanimateCarbonRod 12:38 PM  

Belated good luck with the exam. The BJCP sounds cool -- you have to collect experience points. It's like beer drinking and D&D all at once!

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