No! I Said She Was F***ing Goofy!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Great punchline from a great joke about Mickey and Minnie.

Anyway, check out this article about a little back-room trist with your favorite Disney characters. The mere visual of this had me laughing out loud.

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The Walt Disney Co. on Thursday said it took "appropriate action" against employees at its Paris theme park who were caught simulating sex while dressed as Disney characters in a digital video that has received wide attention on the Internet.
The video shows Minnie Mouse struggling to free herself as she is grabbed from behind by Goofy and then a giant snowman.

Later, Mickey Mouse simulates sex with the snowman and Goofy does the same with either Chip or Dale, the chipmunks, as laughter is heard on the tape.

And thanks heavens for You Tube for supplying the video.


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Thrillhous 11:27 AM  

Hey, maybe them French ain't all bad!

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