One of These Things is Much Like the Other

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I know the whole anger-at-Lieberman thing has taken a bit of a back seat for the time being, but something just occurred to me. Just looking for some input on this. Anyone see the similarities between Joe Lieberman and the Mouth of Sauron? Especially in the mouth-al area?

Have a look.

Holy Joe:

The Mouth of Sauron:

Just me, or similar?


Bob 7:33 PM  

I am really tired of people ripping on this guy, whether it be his looks, his politics or his position on war.

Really, leaders like him need to stand up to the masses once in a while and do what they think is best instead of just following everyone else.

Comparing him to that hideous evil freak does not move the public discourse forward, so for god’s sake, leave Sauron alone.

Thrillhous 10:51 AM  

Nice one, Bob. You had me going there.

There's definitely a mouth-al resemblance, but I do have to give Joe some credit for having a better dentist.

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