All the Butt-Reamin' Assholes: Dialogue of the Day

Monday, July 09, 2007

The Dialogue of the Day comes courtesy of the 1989 movie Parenthood, staring Steve Martin and, actually, a pretty funny Keanu Reeves. I'm reminded of this bit of dialogue, more of a quick monologue really, after reading Noah's post on who can run for President.

Helen: l guess a boy Garry´s age really needs a man around.

Tod: Yeah, well-- lt depends on the man.
l had a man around. He used to wake me up in the morningby flicking lit cigarettes at my head. ''Hey, asshole, get up and make me breakfast.''

You know, Miss Buckman, you need a license to buy a dog or drive a car.
Hell, you need a license to catch a fish.
But they´ll let any butt-reamin´ asshole be your father.

And they'll let any butt-reamin' asshole run for President too, apparently.


Smitty 8:22 AM  

I just can't get enough of the weird guy with the helmet and the "rock on" hand gesture. Nothing says "I am qualified to be President" like a weird helmet and belief in aliens.

B Mac,  8:45 AM  

I suggest you read the comments that go along with Mr. Grimes' NPAT answers. A sampling:

"Solar energy, steam automobiles and more developed uses of hydrogen airships are three areas warranting furhter exploration." (He wants to bring back the f-ing Hindenburg!)

"We believe President Hussein was slandered by lying propaganda of the Bush regime, the UN should make the Americans quit the country, President Hussein (if he still lives) should be restored to power and the Bush family fortune and all their property and holdings should be given to president Hussein and the Iraqi people."

"All of this with Afghanistan and North Korea started after the 9/11 terror attacks, which were the Bush version of the Reichstag Fire, so all Bush's dirty deeds must be undone. "

"Presidential Priorities: #1. Abolish paper money. Establish a "Transferable Work Point Card" as an electronic credit & debit system, which would bring about a cashless/checkless society. #2. Establish a "Universal Price Index", designed to first freeze and then greatly reduce the cost of all necessities of life, like rent, groceries, car payments, etc & so on. #3. Create a league of nine or ten nations that would form a Confederacy of States to create a new world Order based on the principles of Corporate Statism. "

You can't make this shit up.

Mr Furious,  7:29 PM  

Reeve's best-ever role/performance (in this generally anti-Keanu man's opinion)

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