Mr. [State Your Name] Goes to Washington

Monday, July 09, 2007

Granted, it's anyone's right to run for President, so long as you're a citizen and 35.

As a public service to you, ripped clean off from Project Vote Smart, go check out this helpful link whereby all 100-or-so candidates for President if the United States are tirelessly listed, inlcuding bios, links to their web sites and even content of some of their more fascinating speeches.

Of course, many of the mainstream candidates are listed. So are a few hopefuls. And these guys too.



Rickey Henderson 1:25 PM  

Since I'll be voting for the candidate with the most original name, my ballot must therefore be cast for "Joseph Felix Leonaitis."

steves 1:27 PM  

Thanks for the link. There are some interesting characters there. I'd have to say that Grimes is a nut, but no worse than most of the front runners.

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