So Many Beers, So Little Time

Friday, July 13, 2007

So today, instead of my normal weekly beer review, I am going to brag.

I am leaving late this evening to drive down to Indianapolis. No, Indianapolis itself - while a fine and entertaining city - is not the reason I brag.

The reason I brag is this: the Indiana State Fair Brewers Cup!

I am headed to lovely Indianapolis in order to judge beers at the renowned (at least to us beer geeks) Brewers Cup. I can't wait. Saturday morning I will start out judging Brown Ales. After lunch, I will judge porters and stouts, which are my personal favorites.

This is guaranteed to be a great experience. I will have a full write-up, analysis, play-by-play and descriptions of my favorites up on Sunday or Monday.


B Mac,  2:55 PM  

Godspeed, brew-man...

George 3:57 PM  

Congrats, but do you spit or swallow?

Smitty 8:07 AM  

It's beer, george. We swallow! :)

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