Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hump Day is reason enough for a couple of brews and a relaxin' night at home with the Lady doing nothing important. Today absolutely sucked ass as far as work went, so all the more reason. So I'm sticking to something easy and sessionable, Michigan Brewing Company's Nut Brown Ale.

MBC recently started dating their bottles with a best by date (good think it's not "Best Buy" date!), which I think is great! If theres one thing I hate, it's comin' home with a sixer of something tasty only to find that it's stale and lifeless, and it does nothing for the improvement of beer. This beer happens to be marked good until 3/8/08, so I know it's fresh! On top of this, Michigan Brewing Company has been brewing it's beer on a Biodiesel powered Steam Generator since early October. With a drink by date of 3/8/08, this beer was very likely brewed in late October or so, so it's very likely that this was brewed with Biodiesel!

It pours with the color of root beer, and develops a tan cascading head making you think this is thicker than it really is. A thick ring and thin lace sticks around for the whole beer, and leaves splotchy lacing on the side of the glass. The beer is clear, I think MBC has started filtering some of their beer recently, and light shows through a rich dark mahogany colored brew. Really impressive looking brew, it makes my mouth water.

The first thing I smell is sweet crystal malts, with roasted nuts and a hint of... pepper? It's not really like pepper, but I have a hard time locking it down. Honestly I have to say that I assume it's the hops that I'm smelling, but as the hop aroma is appropriately subdued, I can't really tell!

At first I actually taste a hint of herbal hops, very light and it quickly gives way to a spectacular malt profile. I like my beers on the dry side normally, and this is my kind of brown ale. It starts with a lightly sweet crystal malt, like caramel, that leads into dry toasty malt laden with roasted nut and a flavor like Grape Nuts. Absolutely one of the best tasting Brown Ales I've had.

This is definitely a session ale, just begging to be drank. It's got a light body with delicate stinging carbonation making it go down smooth. 5% ABV means that having a few isn't going to put you down for the night.

Michigan Brewing Company makes some great beer. I wouldn't say that anything they make is the best of it's class, but what they do make is consistently good and right to style. Especially their darker ales such as the Bavarian Dark that is apparently mighty popular among those who paid cover.

With a good mug of MBC Nut Brown by my keyboard, the night is better already! Time for another...


Sopor 8:27 PM  

Is there a way to edit a post after I have submitted it?

I meant to say "At first I actually TASTE a hint of herbal hops," int he 5th paragraph

Smitty 9:20 PM  

Yes. From the blog's page, hit the little B icon in the upper left corner of your screen. This takes you to the Dashboard. From there, hit the "posts" link, and you'l see alist if all the posts. Hit "edit" and you're off.

Sopor 9:53 PM  

Doh! Thanks =)

B Mac 12:37 PM  

I know I say this about a lot of breweries, but I love MBC. They make a nice 12-pack of assorted beers; 2 each of the IPA, Pale Ale, Nut Brown Ale, and Sunset Amber, as well as 4 other random MBC brews (Celis, Peninsula Porter, etc.). Great for bringing to holiday parties. Or just for drinking.

wutsua 3:14 AM  

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Bob "Chief Beer Brewing Extravaganza Advocate" 1:57 PM  

I dig their assortment pack too. This is an excellent way to stock up for a party if you don't have access to a great beer retailer like the local Beer Mecca in EL.

Good review. I have spoken highly of this beer a time or two on this blog and enjoyed one last night.

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