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Thursday, December 27, 2007

This has nothing to do with beer or politics, but since at least one other writer here dug the Transformers remake, I figured this was also worth a post.

If one harkens back to the days of "It's Ten O'clock, do you know where your children are?" you will remember that those P.S.A.’s came on during Friday night prime time on NBC during the airing of “Knight Rider”.

Knight Rider may have been slightly lame, but it was cool to an eight-year-old.

Now it’s coming back. Firebird fans beware, this time K.I.T.T. will be in a Shelby Mustang. That's OK, but let’s just hope it’s better than the Bionic Woman remake.


Smitty 4:47 PM  

The car alone will make the show cooler. And the fact that Hasselhof will no longer be the primary actor.

the infamous roger 5:37 PM  

And the fact that G.O.B. (AKA Will Arnett) will be the voice of KITT.

steves 7:39 PM  

The Bionic Woman remake was/is awful. I don't get all that nostalgic. I thought Transformers was visually good, but the story was kind of so so. Battlestar Galactica is fantastic.

Smitty 1:50 AM  

Gotta say I agree with steves. Bionic Woman is dull and poorly-acted. I hate it every bit as much because Starbuck from BSG is in it, and her character in Bionic Woman sucks, and ***SPOILER ALERT*** what that may or may not have meant or will mean for her role in BSG.

Transformers was cool. Story sucked and was Hollywood cliche. But visually...yup. Totally cool.

I worship at the altar of BSG.

steves 9:38 AM  

BSG is awesome because of Ron Moore. He was a writer and producer for Star Trek: TNG and DS9. I am looking forward to the final season and the new show, Caprica.

Bob "Chief Beer Advocate" 12:02 PM  

I have never seen the BSG, but would really like to. I don't have Sci-Fi channel, but it is available on DVD?

steves 8:17 PM  

Yes, it is. I have seen it in most stores and you can get it for a good price on ebay.

Rickey Henderson 4:07 PM  

You know what? The original was never enough of a good show for anyone to worry about. So this can be 100% crap and Rickey's ok with that.

NBC has a shitty shitty track record these days--don't count on this being any good. Bring back Journeyman, you fucking goat fuckers.

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